World’s First fully embedded touch enabled 4K Endoscopic Camera System

The NovaProbe UHDCAM 4K camera system consists of a 4K CMOS camera board that can capture & stream Ultra HD & full 4K videos at 30 fps in compressed MJPG or YUYV format. NovaProbe UHDCAM 4k camera system has an ergonomically designed waterproof camera head with the full 4K optical lens that can be adjusted upto 35mm focal length with a c-mount interface. The camera system is connected to a rigid scope along with NovaProbe designed LED Leukos 175 or Xenon LEUKOS 10300 light source to perform endoscopic surgery. The camera interface uses custom proprietary software for NovaProbe UHDCAM 4K system, that can control the camera parameters such as White balance, Brightness, sharpness, Contrast, resolutions & frame rates and many more.

NovaProbe UHDCAM 4K camera system’s custom designed software has a patient information module to capture patient data . The captured patient data is stored along with the image and video recording for the minimal invasive endoscopic surgery.


  1. Surgeon can now focus on performing the surgery rather than capture and visualization control.
  2. Fully embedded full 4k 13MP endoscopic surgery camera system with touch interface.
  3. Ability to record patient information along with captured images & recorded videos.
  4. Built-in video & image capture with viewer at UHD & full 4K resolutions.
  5. Pre-programmable camera head using a touch interface to set brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness & white balance and other parameters.
  6. Full 4k optical zoom for true optical magnified visualization.